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Sum400 Reflection #2

Sum400 Reflection #2
Photo by Yosef Pregadio on Unsplash

Spring semester of my Junior year at Agnes Scott was, for lack of better words, a time. Balancing my obligations as a student, a Senior Resident Assistant, a nanny, and for the first time, an intern, proved to be quite the challenge. Both in order to fulfill the requirements of my major and to get a better look of exactly what I was signing myself up for in my future as a Rabbi, I spent spring 2018 working at Congregation Bet Haverim, a Reconstructionist congregation here in Atlanta.

Working under the supervision of Rabbi Joshua Lesser and Executive Director Amy Robertson, I did everything from the typical intern tasks (stuffing envelopes, answering phones, putting together gift baskets) to brainstorming High Holidays lesson plans, researching other Jewish social justice organizations, and helping create the proposal for the creation of a new Jewish nonprofit here in Atlanta. I looked at the position Atlanta’s Jewish community had historically occupied with regards to issues of social justice, and drawing from the experiences of other Jewish communities around the country, hypothesized where we could (and should) stand on the issues facing us today.

I learned the value of each and every job at the synagogue and how truly important it is to recognize and express gratitude for the work others do. The gratitude and recognition directed my way as an intern, for doing tasks I wouldn’t really expect to receive thanks for, encouraged me to give it my all more than usual, knowing my contributions and I were valued.

Moving forward, I know that my experiences at CBH will inform the way I view the individuals who work ‘behind the scenes.’ I have a newfound dedication to recognizing and appreciating all the members of a team, not just the ones in public view.

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